Blyk: Blyktionary Brand Bible

In addition to the visual identity, we also had to define the personality of the Blyk brand.


Instead of a set of ppt slides, we wanted to create something truly unique and treasured by anyone who received a copy.

The thinking behind the Blyktionary, was to create a ‘Spirit of Blyk’ document that would encompass everything you needed to know about Blyk.


It was to be something that would be easily understood by everyone - not just the marketing department and would be given of every new member of staff so they truly understood the Blyk Brand values and vision.


The final result was a hand-made, limited edition, embossed leatherette bound book. The book has been so well received, it has been reprinted three times.


Even now, many years after the original design, it is still considered to be the Blyk Bible.







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