Blyk: Identity

Blyk was a new and innovative mobile phone operator exclusively for 16-24 year olds. They needed a brand look and feel: from the visual identity to events to interiors to member acquisition.


Launching a completely new brand into the highly competitive world of telecoms required a different approach to the norm. The target market was 16-24 year olds whose opinion of telecoms companies was strained at best. We had to create an identity that would resonate with the audience as well as gaining credibility and trust.

An open-code approach was taken whereby we had basic building blocks but a flexible system that allowed visual interpretations.


A local art college was presented with some keywords but not told that it was for the telcoms sector to avoid usual telco cliches. 12 illustrations were selected and then used as the basis for the Blyk visual world across all media touchpoints.


We also kept the young creatives involved so that they were an integral part of the brand launch ensuring that the messages were credible and genuine to the target audience.


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Blyktionary: Brand Bible


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